What we do

Our Moringa is grown on high mineral land in Senegal, West Africa.  The MoR® moringa brand is hand harvested and shade dried keeping this a RAW product.  Strong quality control is maintained through out all of the process from planting, picking, washing, drying , and grinding to our biotech center in Senegal and packaging is done in our warehouse in Asheville, NC. We care for the people who help harvest this product and the people who use this product.  The MORmoringa is pure and organic. No pesticides are used.

We can also help you source other products or ingredients.

Our mission is to not only produce amazing products, but to help develop and educate communities in developing countries. A percentage of our profits is given back to the communities to help build wells, for better education and creating better lives.  We are committed to make positive social and environmental impact in the rural communities of Senegal; to see how you can be a part of this, or how you can contribute, please contact Stephanie Tomatis  @ stephanie@mormoringa.com

“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.”

We are so happy that Moringa is getting great reviews all on its own. Dr. OZ talked about it on his show- being a great natural energy supplement. He recommends taking 400mg. per day. Also Dr. Lindsey Duncan from Genesis Today was on the View- ABC talking about how Moringa is a great everyday multi- vitamin and great for weight loss. Slowly but surely, Moringa is getting more and more known and we are happy to be able to provide you such a great product- truly a Super Food or otherwise known as the miracle tree. We are working with one of Dr. Fuglie’s partners on our farm. Who studied and worked side by side with this great man. Thank you to Dr. Lowell Fuglie for all of your great research. He is missed, but definitely not forgotten. His legacy lives on. His studies are becoming known.