MōR® Moringa Recipes

MōR® Cinnamon French Toast Please

Mix equal parts of cinnamon and MōR® Moringa, sprinkle on french toast and top it with your favorite maple syrup….Delicious and Nutricious…Enjoyed by kids and adults…

Add your favorite fruit for an even more delicious flavor.

MōR® Vita Moringa Smoothie

Blend Orange Juice, Banana and a good scoop of MōR® Moringa.  For a smoothie loaded with Protein, Vitamins and minerals

Or add a good scoop of  MōR® Moringa to any of your favorite smoothie recipe

MōR® Moringa Pasta

Mix cooked pasta with olive oil, celtic sea salt® and MōR® Moringa stir very well.

Stir fry veggies and add to pasta or top with cheese and enjoy