Moringa Benefits



One of natures most nutritious foods, Moringa, commonly referred to as the Miracle Tree, is the greatest known supplement ever discovered by mankind. Moringa leaves are the most nutritious part of the tree. For thousands of years, Indians have used moringa leaves in their food to get a nutritious diet. Moringa leaves are filled with Minerals and Multivitamins that are used  by health practitioners in Africa to curb malnutrition and to reduce blood glucose level. This is because the Moringa leaves offer a package of Vitamins and Minerals in the natural form. The nutritive value of Dried Moringa leaves are more powerful than fresh Moringa leaves because the fresh  leaves are comprised of 73% water and hence when the water content is removed the Moringa leaves become more powerful.

Moringa provides a combination of nutrients that are more effective than any single mineral or vitamin.  Moringa is ideal for helping our bodies maintain optimum health., the nutrition in this miraculous tree has been traditionally used to treat over 300 different diseases and disortders.

Packed with 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants, Moringa is truly a superfood. Moringa is 100% natural bioavailable formula for maximum nutrient absorption, in contrast to synthetic multivitamins and calcium pills.

Moringa powder is taken by athletes and sportsmen to improve their energy and stamina. Moringa caters to all segments of people.  Working Professionals, Lactating Mothers, Middle Age Women, Senior Citizens & Pets


~ ANTIOXIDANTS                                    ~ ANTI-AGING

~ FREE RADICALS                                   ~ MENTAL CLARITY

~ MENTAL ALERTNESS                          ~ OSTEOPOROSIS

~ CLARITY EYE SIGHT                            ~ BONE STRENGTH


~ May increase energy levels (non- sugar based energy)